Why Do You Need Enterprise Workflow Automation?


What is Enterprise Workflow Management?

Enterprise workflow management looks at the hundreds of processes involved that keep large organizations moving forward. Every department and team has certain standard processes to follow. Enterprise workflow management identifies the best ways to map, execute, integrate, improve, and automate workflows.

Why Do You Need Enterprise Workflow Management Solutions?

Enterprise workflow management solutions elevates organizational operations. It ensures that businesses stay on the continuing path to growth and efficiency.

Minimize chaos

If every department and team runs its own unstructured process, chaos and mistakes will always be present.

Reduce costs

Organizations can eliminate redundancies and reduce wasteful practices using enterprise workflows.

Improve efficiency

Enterprise workflow management helps minimize errors and fix bottlenecks, boosting process efficiency.

Improve accountability

Transparency in processes improves accountability and brings greater clarity to operations.


Enterprise workflow management keeps you compliant with industry regulations and provides valuable audit trails.

The Highest Rated Enterprise Workflow Management Software

G2 Crowd, a peer-to-peer business software review service, identified Kissflow as a leader in the Workflow Management Software category

Kissflow has all the most-required features such as:

  • Process routing

  • No-code app development

  • Real-time monitoring

  • Custom workflow design

  • Dashboard for all workflows

Kissflow was rated higher than competing enterprise workflow management tools such as Nintex Promapp, QuickBase, PMG Digital, and Navvia.

Kissflow also scored the highest in considerations such as ease of use (90%), ease of doing business (87%), and meeting requirements (89%).

How Can Kissflow Enhance Your Enterprise Workflow Management?

No-code tool

The intuitive visual designer and simple drag-and-drop form builder make setting up enterprise workflows a breeze.

Easy integration

Kissflow can integrate seamlessly with other tools to provide a stress-free experience.

Secure data

Role-based access tightens data security and keeps information confidential.

Powerful reporting and analytics

With real-time reporting and in-depth analytics, Kissflow provides the workflow insights you need.


Kissflow is built to enable enterprise workflow management no matter how big your need.

Anytime anywhere access

With cloud technology, you can access information from any location or device and not have to worry about network downtime.

Automate your enterprise workflows with Kissflow Workflow.

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